About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products And Services

We are one of North America’s largest technology services and consulting organizations in the refurbished computer industry. Our products are professionally refurbished and configured with genuine Microsoft software. Computers are loaded with Windows 10 or 11, Windows Live services, and Microsoft Security Essentials and provide a complete refurbished PC solution, and offer a great value for businesses or homes.

Our Company

Our core is to buy gently used computers from certified suppliers such as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, or Dell to ensure the highest quality. After receiving the units, we follow a detailed procedure to physically and digitally clean each computer, load it with the proper Microsoft technology and then finally run everyone through stringent tests to ensure the computer is fully functional and up to standards. 

On a larger scale, we makes the earth a greener place by refurbishing and essentially recycling over 10,000 computers every month that may have been otherwise disposed of as waste. Furthermore, we take computer components that cannot be used any longer and send them to a program that properly recycles the parts.

This allows us to reduce its ecological footprint on the world as much as possible. Overall, we like any business strives to make a profit, but here is our difference; we plan on taking care of Mother Nature in the process of doing so.



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